Concert programs

Suzuki Method

Open Concerts

All participants may perform in spaces located in the center of the city: street corners, courtyards, balconies, gateways, and porticos.

Those who are interested in performing should indicate this in the appropriate section of the application. The exhibition should not exceed 10 minutes in length.

The open concerts are reserved for soloists or ensembles; the organization will coordinate the concerts, indicate times and spaces, but will not provide instruments or technical support (keyboards, electricity, etc.)

Concert of the Pianists

Concerts dedicated exclusively to pianists will be organized daily during the Conference. The students, coordinated by their teachers, will perform in designated spaces throughout the event.

To participate in one of the concerts, the student must propose 3 pieces to guarantee a wider variety in the programs. The choice must include pieces from the Suzuki repertoire as well as extra repertoire. Please indicate the Title, composer, and the length for extra Repertoire (max. 7 minutes). It is also possible to present music for four hands, indicating the name of the second performer, Title, composer, and length (max 7 minutes).

The pieces proposed for the concerts must be indicated on the Registration form.

Small Concert for the Suzuki Schools and Ensembles

The organization has provided for every school or group of students participating, the possibility of performing in a concert dedicated to their own ensemble. The performances will permit the students and teachers to share and grow musically.

The schools and groups that would like to propose their program should do so on the application form. Each performance should not exceed 10 minutes in length.

The only requirement is that of including a piece in the program taken from or inspired by an Italian lyric opera.

Students who are part of an ensemble who were not able to register for the Convention, due to the limited number of places, may participate in the performance of their ensemble even if they are not amongst the participants in the Convention. In this case, the teachers will send the list of students who are not registered for the Conference who will participate in the performance at the Concert for the Schools.

Opening Concert

The opening concert will mark the beginning of the event of the 11th European Suzuki Children’s Convention; it will be held in the Theater of the city of Cuneo on July 13, 2022. The concert will have as its protagonist children from 4-7 years old who play in Volumes 1 and 2.

Students who are interested in participating must indicate so on the registration form. The number of participants in the Opening concert will be limited.

The opening concert program include pieces from the first Suzuki book and is published HERE.

Final Concert

The final concert is the key event of the Convention. It will involve all the participants who have come to Cuneo for the event, led by the Suzuki teachers and open to all families and citizens.

The final performance will take place on July 17 at the Palazzetto dello Sport of Cuneo.

The programs will is published HERE

Concerts of the Orchestras

Two student orchestras will be formed during the Convention in which the more advanced students will participate

Lyric-Symphonic Orchestra

The Lyric-Symphonic Orchestra will be conducted by a well-known orchestra conductor and will work on pieces drawn from the repertoire of Italian lyric operas by Puccini, Verdi, Mascagni, Rossini, Cimarosa and others.
Guest singers will participate as soloists in the orchestra program.

Plucked Strings Orchestra

The plucked strings Orchestra (“Orchesta a Pizzico”) will work on pieces transcribed for this specific ensemble. Works from the Italian lyric opera repertoire will be also included in the program.

The programs will is published HERE