13th-17th July 2022, Cuneo

11th Edition of
European Suzuki Children's Convention

“Which nightingale learns to sing by reading ?” S. Suzuki

The 11th European Suzuki Children’s Convention is organized by the ISI, Italian Suzuki Institute with the patronage of ESA, European Suzuki Association.

500 to 600 pupils are expected from all of the 26 countries in which the Suzuki Method™ is taught throughout the ESA Region.
The conference is open to students of violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, recorder, trumpet, guitar, harp, mandolin, piano, voice, accordion (Suzuki Accordion Project).

Participating students between 3 and 19 years old are invited with various options open to all ages and skill levels.
All lessons and activities will be conducted by an international faculty. The conference will also represent a great opportunity for young teachers who want to participate as observers and participate in the activities.
Musical activities will range from group lessons to concerts. Particular attention will be paid to orchestral practice for more advanced students. For the little ones there will be parallel activities connected to the great world of music and musical language.

The opening concert and the closing concert will be organized with convention participants. There will also be concerts for orchestras and concerts for schools or groups wishing to apply.
Some events will aim to share the theme of the convention – The Italian Opera.
The organization hopes to see the presence of almost all the instruments of the Suzuki family and there will be a closed number of participants. Registration will take place online and requests that occur after places are fully booked will be placed in a waiting list to be reconsidered if new openings are available due to cancellations.
There is also a minimum number of students for each instrument; if this number is not reached, the relative course will not be activated. In this case, the fees received for registration will be fully refunded.

The convention may be cancelled, partially modified or the number of students admitted to participate may vary from those previously mentioned due to any problems caused by the persistence and spread of the Coronavirus.
The registration applications will therefore include terms and conditions to provide for any such changes to the program. Any necessary anti-contagion preventative measures will be in place at the event if required.
The rules established in Italy to avoid infections will be periodically updated on this site.

The organising committee is made up of the members of the Italian Suzuki Institute Board with whom the Italian teacher and teacher trainers and the main authorities of the city of Cuneo will work in collaboration.
We are looking forward to seeing many of you with your students and to finally coming together face to face to share a wonderful experience!

Registrations will be open from 7.00 pm (CET) on January 4th 2022 and will close at 7.00 pm on March 31st 2022.

The convention

The lessons will be organized according to age and level.
The youngest children will participate in lessons on their instrument and in addition to workshops and activities dedicated to the preparation of the opening and closing concerts of the Convention.
The older and more advanced students will be involved in the activities and performances of the Orchestras, as well as in the preparation and final concert of the event.
The repertoire for study and for the concerts will be published in the specific section of the website.

All participants may perform in spaces located in the center of the city: street corners, courtyards, balconies, gateways, and porticos.
Those who are interested in performing should indicate this in the appropriate section of the application. The exhibition should not exceed 10 minutes in length.
The open concerts are reserved for soloists or ensembles; the organization will coordinate the concerts, indicate times and spaces, but will not provide instruments or technical support (keyboards, electricity, etc.)
All those who would like to perform should fill out the specific application form

Concerts dedicated exclusively to pianists will be organized daily during the Conference. The students, coordinated by their teachers, will perform in designated spaces throughout the event.
To participate in one of the concerts, the student must propose 3 pieces to guarantee a wider variety in the programs. The choice must include pieces from the Suzuki repertoire as well as extra repertoire. Please indicate the Title, composer, and the length for extra Repertoire (max. 7 minutes). It is also possible to present music for four hands, indicating the name of the second performer, Title, composer, and length (max 7 minutes).
The pieces proposed for the concerts must be indicated on the Registration form.

Two student orchestras will be formed during the Convention in which the more advanced students will participate: the Lyric-Symphonic Orchestra and the Plucked Strings Orchestra.

The organization has provided for every school or group of students participating, the possibility of performing in a concert dedicated to their own ensemble. The performances will permit the students and teachers to share and grow musically.

The workshop will consist of a brief training session and will permit all students to approach a varied set of traditional percussion instruments (drums, maracas, claves, triangles) and original instruments made with recycled material such as cans, wooden spoons, bottles, pans and covers, and broomsticks.
The activity is open to all participants and will be run by the experts of the Tamtando Association.

The workshop will consist in a playful moment of approaching music and specifically to the opera form; it is open exclusively to students who play in Volume 1, up to 8 years of age, accompanied by their families.
The activity will be run by the Musical Garden association

The opening concert will mark the beginning of the event of the 11th European Suzuki Children's Convention; it will be held in the Theater of the city of Cuneo on July 13, 2022. The concert will have as its protagonist children from 4-7 years old who play in Volumes 1 and 2.
Students who are interested in participating must indicate so on the registration form. The number of participants in the Opening concert will be limited.

The final concert is the key event of the Convention. It will involve all the participants who have come to Cuneo for the event, led by the Suzuki teachers and open to all families and citizens.
The final performance will take place on July 17 at the Palazzetto dello Sport of Cuneo.


Seleziona la formula che ti interessa per effettuare la registrazione


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250 €

Observing Teachers






90 €

Welcome and hospitality

The organization of the event does not provide for any direct commitment as regards room and board, however the hoteliers and restaurateurs of the area are asked to submit their proposals to the participants.

Through the following LINK it will be possible to access the proposals: cuneoalps.it

For the duration of convention, it will be possible to participate in moments of relaxation and tourism; information and assistant services will be available for the participants.

The parents of the youngest students will be able to observe the lessons; all parents and family members may participate as members of the audience at the performances and concerts and may partake of the reserved discounts to visit the city of Cuneo and other associated services.



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